Leed Certified Projects

We are proud of the many LEED Certified Projects that we have performed on including the Johnson Control buildings in Glendale, Wisconsin.

As a member of the Wisconsin Painting and Drywall Finishers Association, we use environmentally friendly practices:

  1. We have adopted Green Policies within our business in the field and in the office.
  2. We recycle and use recycled products.
  3. Our employees are involved and trained in resource management.
  4. We estimate correctly to ensure material conservation and decrease waste.
  5. Use environmentally friendly paints and materials
  6. Plan all projects to ensure Environmentally Friendly Methods and Materials
  7. Use approved protection measures to protect adjacent surfaces and collect debris.
  8. We use up, dry up or recycle left over paints.
  9. We look for ways to conserve water use during projects and in our office.
  10. We use left over paints and primers correctly and donate excess paints when possible.